About Us


Debbie Maddy


I began my journey with indigo as most people do, in a class folding and clamping the fabrics and dyeing in the indigo. That class was the first of many to learn more and more. I wanted to learn how to stitch and wrap on poles and fold in very unusual ways to get more intricate and unusual designs. I have traveled to Japan twice, England and all over the US taking classes and learning from the masters. It is an ancient art with a very contemporary feel. My favorite thing about learning is sharing with my students. I always enjoy the classes where I can share the many stitching techniques for the unusual designs. I would love for you to join me on this adventure. 

I also enjoy making jewelry for others to enjoy. My favorite techniques are working with silver in all forms and finding and using very unusual items to make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. 



David Maddy


I first learned to weave in the 80s and put it on hold for many years. I am now weaving with a purpose and love making all things to wear and adorn homes. I am constantly reading and taking classes to learn more techniques. My specialty in jewelry making is lamp work beads and polymer clay.

We will also be offering supplies to help you make your projects. We will have items specific for dyeing and jewelry making.