Indigo Fun as a thank you!

I have some very special people to thank for helping me accomplish a very large goal.

I can not reveal what the actual goal was but I want to show you the fun I had getting the "Thank You" items ready.

Even though I had not been dyeing for some time due to so many other things getting in the way, I decided I could get the indigo vat ready, scrunch, tie, clamp and sew some scarves to dye!!!

First I had to get the vat ready.

It was awesome.

Then I did my magic with the fabrics.

This scarf was folded and then wrapped around a pole.

Then it was dip it in the indigo time! My favorite time because that is where the real magic happens. The real fun is when you start unwrapping and removing the strings.

This is the really cool results.

David helped and we did a big bunch of scarves.

I neutralized washed and dried this beautiful bundle of blue!!!

Now all I need to do is press and ship to my very special "friends".

I love giving gifts that are a part of me.

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