Japan Trip-fabric dyeing workshop

We stumbled across a unique, not to be missed, opportunity to go to Japan and take a ten day workshop in 8th century Japanese textile dyeing techniques. Once we were vetted as suitable and serious candidates, we were able to receive our homework assignments and make the arrangements for the trip.

First thing to do after clearing security was to convert dollars to yen. Gotta have spending money. We landed at Narita Airport and took a train to Shinjuku provence, Tokyo where we spent the first night.

Accommodations were a bit tight but we were so tired after a 12 1/2 hour flight and another 1 1/2 hour train ride, we did not really care. We discovered how helpful and polite the Japanese are when a gentleman guided us through the maze of buying train tickets, boarding the correct train and getting off at the proper station. We ended up going to bed and sleeping from around 4:30 pm until the next morning.

The hotel served a breakfast buffet the next morning and as nothing was labeled, we just guessed at items and selected randomly. It really did not matter as we were on an "adventure" and open to all experiences, including the culinary ones. We could not tell you what we ate; some items we liked and others we did not, but at least we had breakfast before we packed up and headed to the next hotel, closer to where Bryan would pick us up.

One the way to find a cab, we saw this wonderful old wood door on an old house.

The cabs were immaculate with the seats covered in lace antimaccasars and the drivers were dressed in suits, white shirts and ties. we noticed the cleaning rags on a rope in the trunk when he loaded our luggage. We knew for sure this was not Dallas or New York. Later that day we explored Takishimaya and Hand department stores and the National garden where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. Look for the next posting. By the way this is David, my cohort in all things adventurous and related to my travels. He is my right hand man and a very good travel companion. We both love travel, eating, indigo dyeing and meeting wonderful new friends. He will be helping me write this blog. He loves the photography and the writing process as much as I do.

Until next time,
Debbie and David

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