Japan Trip-Stencil Dyeing-Part 2

This post continues with our day in Hachioji at Noguchi-San's home/studio where we learned more about the art of katazome and were able to apply our hand at this century's old art.

This was the door to a fire house we passed on our way and Debbie found another example of the artistry used in such mundane things as a manhole cover.

This was a piece we did with stencils we prepared using rice resist paste and paper impregnated with persimmon juice. The stencils were soaked in water before we used them.

Debbie and Meg hard at work-concentrating so hard!!

Once the cloth is ready it is dried outside in the yard. These are the kimono bolt length boards with several of our projects on each. Normally each board would have one continuous length of cloth.

The dye vats were set into the ground in a building separate from that of the shed where the stencils were applied. Malou is dipping her fabric.

Debbie learned this is not a good position to dye from when one's glasses are hanging from one's collar. Oops!!!!

A gracious host makes everything right again.

Noguchi-san emptied the indigo vat to retrieve Debbie's glasses.

David preferred a stool.

Notice the vats are set down into the ground to keep the dye warm in the winter. Noguchi-san is a very limber man. I envy him his mobility.

Once the stenciled cloth had been dipped the appropriate number of times, it was removed, rinsed out and hung out in the yard with these results.

Always time for a lesson. Bryan showed us some of Noguchi-san's collection of stencils and work and a copy of a publication including his work.

This is an antique piece that was pale to begin with and has faded some with time.

These were some other examples of dye work. If you are a fabric-holic and appreciate fine work you can understand why Debbie was drooling over these pieces.

This was a day we will never forget and truly one of the highlights of the trip. Thank you Noguchi-san for your work and gracious hospitality and to Bryan for the foresight to befriend this enormous talent. Well- we are not finished learning and dyeing, so more examples of our work next posting and and an interesting visit to the chicken restaurant. Yes, this was quite a field trip and made for a wonderful and educational evening.

See you next time.
Debbie and David

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