IndiGold™ - Exciting News for the World of Indigo Dyeing!

The most exciting news I’ve seen in the world of Indigo dyeing just happened in the last few weeks and I am thrilled!

Sarah Bellos, founder and CEO of Stony Creek Colors has just released her long-awaited, USA grown and produced, IndiGold™ Pre-Reduced Indigo Vat Kit. This is revolutionary in the Indigo dyeing community because Sarah has developed the world’s first pre-reduced all-natural indigo dye. Natural is the important term here! Sarah’s pre-reduced Indigo is truly natural and, unlike other pre-reduced Indigos, does not need or include any chemicals that are harmful to people or our planet.

While operating a textile dye house in Nashville, Sarah began working on a way to provide fashion designers with natural dyes. Petroleum-based dyes are used in most of the clothing we wear and independent designers had begun to seek a way to dye without harsh chemicals. Sarah, a graduate of Cornell University’s Agriculture program, quickly realized producing American made, plant-based dyes was not an easy task with current methods. So, using her knowledge of agriculture and interest in sustainable business practices, she opened Stony Creek Colors in 2012 with the goal of solving the problem. And, she did!

I am very impressed with Sarah Bellos and her dedication to USA grown indigo and have been watching her work for a long time. It is fabulous to have pre-reduced indigo in an organic natural vat with no harsh chemicals and I am very happy to be able to offer it to all of you!

On my web site, you’ll now find four Natural Indigo Vat Kits including IndiGold™ from Sarah Bellos. Click here to see the selection on my site and order your kit.

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If you'd like to learn more about the history of Indigo dye, click here.


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