Tranquility Pattern: Queen size Fabric requirements: Second border is 2 5/8 yards, Outer Border is 1 7/8 yards 

Geese In The Lillies pattern The queen size quilt is 82" X 110" before quilting. Correction on page 6 of Queen size should read:  Making the Half Square Triangle Units: See page 11 if you are using directional prints. Using the A, B and C 5” squares that you chose for each flower block make the combinations as shown.

Usagi pattern Correction - Page 2 Outside border: Using the 7 1/2" outside border strips.

Nuno pattern Correction - Background should be 1/2 Layer Cake or 1 1/2 yards.

Lyra pattern Correction on page 4 The top diagram is Section B. The middle diagram is section A. The bottom diagram is section C.

Josephine's Knot pattern Correction Twin size page 8 Row 8 - First (A) piece from the left should be 5 1/2" X 3 1/2".

Square Peg Round Hole Round Hole Corrections for fabric requirements for quilt background should be 1 yard. This is for the cover and the insert.

Labyrinth Revised Queen. Contact me with a picture of the queen version of an OLD pattern. If you have a shiny paper stapled pattern there are no corrections. 

Plaza Pattern Queen size uses 15 fat quarters.