Introducing Kawa! My Newest Collection is Ready for You!

I am thrilled to announce that my Kawa Shibori collection for Moda Fabrics is now ready to order on my web site! It takes a long time for a collection to be designed, printed and bolted, so it is always very exciting when it is finally ready! You can click here and pre-order right now!!

Designing a collection of hand-dyed Shibori fabrics for Moda is just the first phase in a long line of quality-controlled steps that lead to the final release of the fabrics. In the case of my Shibori designs, they are sent to Japan for milling, so that the fabric you purchase is as authentically Japanese as possible.

Waiting with anticipation for the birth of a new collection is a little nerve-wracking, but very exciting! I am always in awe of how beautifully the designs turn out and what a lovely hand is produced by the 100% Fine Cotton, 44/45” wide fabrics. Moda really cares about quality just as I do and I love working with them!

Kawa means river in Japanese. Taking my inspiration from there, I designed and Shibori Indigo dyed the signature print of the collection. It represents Gingko leaves floating in streams in six different colorways. Symbolizing Autumn in Japan, the Gingko is a very appropriate motif for a Fall collection!

I’ve been experimenting with rust in conjunction with my Shibori Indigo dyeing and I love it. So, I included a rusty orange in the designs for a pop of color. It sets off the Indigo blues beautifully!

Running water, streams in the mountains and, of course, the magic of Indigo all combine to create this wonderful collection. The panels are marvelous and made up of printed 6” squares of designs. They're available in two different colorways and suggest lots of beautiful possibilities!

Please CLICK HERE to browse, shop and place your order for pre-cuts or fabric by-the-yard today!

Thank you for waiting patiently and traveling the flowing streams of Kawa with me! I look forward to seeing what you create from my creations. Your ideas and my fabrics are a great pairing and I love how we inspire and support each other!


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