Moda Block Heads 4 - Block 24 and it's Catch-Up Buddies

Blocks of a "feather" work together this week. Block 24, this week's block, goes so well with my catch-up blocks 19 & 20. They make beautiful block buddies!

Block 24, Outtakes, was designed by Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. Here it is in Kawa, my collection that ships to stores in September - next month! I love the way the Indigo star accents the Rust and Pewter prints. I'm so excited that in just a few weeks you can bring Kawa home for yourself!!

Outtakes is wonderful in my currently available collection, Yukata, too. The darkest Indigo shines against the background shades of Blue and Ivory. You'll find the instructions for Vanessa Christenson's block by clicking here. Hop over to Instagram to follow Vanessa's V & Co for lots of inspiration! @vchristenson

I love how this block spins! Block 19 by Robin Pickens is called Clover and the Indigo blues of Kawa are just amazing in this block. The HSTs in a four patch style give this block a unique twist. 

Stitched in my Yukata collection, Robin's Clover block has a lovely, vintage vibe. Neutrals with a touch of blue look so pretty together! Find Robin Picken's Clover block instructions by clicking here. And, be sure to follow Robin's colorful quilting on Instagram @robinpickens

Now let's catch up with Block 20, which spins along nicely with the other blocks! First in upcoming Kawa's Rust and Indigo. The geometric points of this Indigo and Ivory print are just perfect for the diagonal blocks in Stacy Iest Hsu's Stop Go design.

But, look how very, very different Stacy's block looks stitched up in my current Yukata. Seeing how fabric choice changes the look and feel of a block is one of the great joys of quilting! Even if you've already made Stacy's Stop Go block, try it again with totally different fabric just for fun. You'll find instructions for Stacy Iest Hsu's block right here. And, you can follow Stacy and her creativity on Instagram @stacyiesthsu

A few prints from Kawa, shipping to your LQS in September 2022

Your turn! My Yukata collection is available now on my web site - click here. Be sure you let your local quilt shop know how much you're looking forward to my Kawa collection when it ships next month, too! You can do a little Kawa pre-shopping by clicking right here


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