Moda Blockheads 5 - Group 2, Block 13 - Indigo Light by Me!

Hello! I'm Debbie Maddy, designer of Shibori fabric collections for Moda Fabrics and I am so pleased to be involved in Moda Block Heads again this year! Block Heads 4 was such fun and I was honored to be asked to design a block again for Group 2 of Block Heads 5. And 13 must be my lucky quilting number, my BH4 block was the 13th, too!

I love the star theme of BH5! My quilting career began with patterns designed around stars and they are still my favorites. Even if you are a beginner, star patterns are a great way for you to gain confidence while creating a beautiful block!

My BH5 block is called Indigo Light and, I designed it using my newest Moda Fabrics Shibori collection, Indigo Blooming. My collection was inspired by vintage Japanese textiles and they look wonderful in my block inspired by classic, vintage star designs. 

While Indigo Light would be a great block for a beginner, more advanced quilters will also enjoy the techniques I've included in my design!

You'll be working with Squares. . . 

Flying Geese. . .

Triangles and QSTs. Everything your quilting heart desires!!

Remember, you'll be happiest with your quilting, if you allow yourself Time with a capital T! 

  • Time to read the instructions before you start. Make sure you understand each step before cutting and sewing. 
  • Time to accurately cut - check, check and double check before you slide your rotary cutter through the fabric. 
  • Time to enjoy the process. Let the fabric shine and don't stress about perfection!

I designed my block to be full of quilting Star joy! I hope you enjoy my block this week, savor the joy of quilting and the wonder that fills all Moda Fabrics. Click here, and look for Block 13 to find the download link for my Indigo Light block instructions. You'll love looking at the other blocks, too!


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