My Favorite Quilting & Sewing Tools

When I’m ready to sew, I want it to be easy, fun and full of joy. So, the right tools are extremely important to me. There’s just no reason to struggle along with tools that don’t work well!

That’s why I carry good quality tools and sewing notions on my web site. I want your sewing life to be full of ease, too! You’ll find lots of great helpers in the Sewing Supplies section of my site, but let’s talk about two of the essentials that are my go-tos every time I sew.

You’ve heard it before and it’s still true – two of the keys to successful sewing are accurate pinning and marking.

My all-time favorite, must-have, can’t-sew-without tools are the Extra Fine Patchwork Pins from Clover. They are so fine that they slide into all fabrics easily without distorting the spot where they’re pinned. These pins are little miracles! They’ve made my life so much better when I’m pinning a project to cut or sew.

Good pinning is key to good sewing results and these are the pins that will do that for you! They’re steel pins in a nice little case of 100 with pretty glass heads. Click here to order a package or maybe two.

My number two favorite tool is the Sewline Trio Marking Pencil. There are three colors in just one pencil, so I can always find a color to mark any fabric. It’s wonderful to have white, black and pink in one pencil! No more searching for the right color because they’re all right there in my hand. I just love it!

These are ceramic, .9mm leads and I do carry the refills, too. Order the pencil now and think about adding the refills to your order, too. It’s nice to just have them on hand in case you run out of a color mid-project! Click here to order the Trio Marking Pencil. Click here to order the refills.

And, while you’re shopping on my site, click here and take a look at the other tools and notions I’ve selected for you. They’re all tools I love and they'll definitely improve your sewing, cutting, marking and stabilizing. You can decide which ones will be your joy today!


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