My Home Studio Workshop 2023

My annual home studio Shibori Indigo Dyeing workshop was last week and we had so much fun. It’s a real treat to host students in my own studio in Graham TX each year. I hope you’ll be able to join me some day!

There were eight charming ladies from all over the USA in the 3-1/2 day class. They came from Kansas, Seattle, Nebraska, Atlanta and even my state - Texas!

These women were ready for fun, eager to learn and we laughed a lot. Laughter and Shibori go together very well!

The first day of class is a half day with an introduction to the workshop and time to set up the Indigo vats on my wonderful covered patio. We set up both fructose and iron all natural Indigo vats.

The following three days were joyously full with lots of instruction, trying techniques and dipping in the Indigo vats. I love seeing the smiles when a dyed piece is revealed. It's my favorite part of teaching!

I shared lots of ways to use stitching as a resist for Shibori Indigo Dyeing and everyone was excited to try it out. We did lots of it and the students hands were very busy with needle and thread during our time together!

Everyone went home with lots of samples, enthusiastically ready to try more. It was so satisfying to be able to pass this art onto these eight wonderful women right in my own studio.

Being in my studio for a class carries the advantage of having shelves full of supplies available to my students. Prepared for Dye fabrics and all kinds of resist tools are stocked and ready for purchase. So, whether they needed something for dyeing during class or to take home for further study, it was all right there.


Each full day included a lunch break with delicious box lunches catered locally by Amanda Chestnut.

We had a great time visiting and sharing our lives and stories over lunch and, of course, there was more laughter!

The weather was perfect with rain only at night. I designed my covered studio patio specifically for dyeing even if there’s rain. But, it’s still more fun to dye and hang our dyed pieces out to dry in my backyard without dodging raindrops!

We enjoyed being together so much, that we also went to dinner at Wildcatter Steakhouse one evening.

The Wildcatter Ranch here in Graham is in a beautiful setting in the hills and is always a favorite place to visit when we have guests. We had amazingly delicious meals.

Way too soon, it was Saturday evening and time for everyone to go home. We'd all love to keep in touch and there was talk of creating a private Facebook group just for students I've taught. Wouldn't that be fun?! 

Check your calendar for 2024 and think about joining me in a class at my home studio! I'd love to see you here. That's a long time to wait, though, so click here to find information about my September class at Sanborn Mills Farm, another beautiful spot to learn. If you need something more immediate, check out my Creative Spark online classes by clicking here


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