My Shibori Indigo Dyeing Class at Sanborn Mills Farm


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I post “My Joy Today” everyday. That was easy from May 30th to June 3rd as I spent those days with these wonderful women teaching them the joyful art of Shibori!

After a long seven state drive, we arrived in New Hampshire at beautiful Sanborn Mills Farm where they offer hands on education in craft and traditional farming.

I was honored to be their craft instructor for the week!

We began class by pre-treating fabrics to scour and prepare them for successful dyeing.

Then they were hung out in the sun to dry. A very promising sight!

After discussing the basic elements of Shibori dyeing, we set up several organic vats of natural Indigo to use during the week.

There’s an art to a successful vat and that knowledge is essential. My hope is that attendees will go home, set up their own organic Indigo vats and continue their Shibori journeys. This is a great picture of Sarah Goodman stirring the vat. Sarah is the Fiber studio director. 

Our days together were filled with instruction, dyeing and lots of experimentation. We really get "up to our elbows" in the process!

We do a lot of stitching and folding for Shibori fabric dyeing. It's always a nice time to relax in between dyeing. 

After demonstrating techniques I love to create an environment where it’s safe to explore and venture into the realm of “what if I did this. . .?”

The results are magical and I love seeing what my new friends create!

T-Shirts are always a fun way to try out techniques. You can see the joy on the face of this happy creator. She was my joy for that day!

This piece of student-dyed fabric turned out beautifully. I wonder what it will become in the future?

My calendar is full of learning opportunities for the rest of this year and into 2023. Click here and see when you can join me. I’d love to work with you in class. Who knows what you can create?!

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