My Shibori Indigo Dyeing - Methods and Process

Shibori Indigo Dyeing is my passion and obsession. But, it doesn't happen without a lot of planning, preparation and time! This week I have a look at my dyeing process for you. Most pictures are from classes I've taught. I'm too busy having fun to take pictures while I'm dyeing!

I usually have designs in my head or from books. After many years of dyeing, I carry ideas in my head constantly and my treasured books are also a valuable source of inspiration. I really enjoy the process of working out how to take a design from my head to fabric to dye pot!

I start by drawing my designs and working out which method will best produce the vision I have. From there, using fabrics Prepared For Dye, I spend hours manipulating the fabrics and creating resists.

Stitched resists are some of my favorites. They take hours and hours of stitching and I love the relaxing rhythm of it all! I can always carry stitching with me and it's great for evenings in front of the TV.

Stencils are very helpful for resist stitching! The dots can be marked with a water soluble marker so you can create very straight lines. I carry a great triple set on my web site for you. Click here to take a look!


Folding and clamping, called Itajime, produces amazing designs as does wrapping and scrunching the fabric on poles. I use acrylic shapes for clamping to produce lots of different designs and carry them on my web site for you. Click here!

I spend several days getting multiple pieces ready at a time before I'm ready to dye. Sometimes a Slinky is involved!

Before dyeing I get my vat in peak order by making sure the PH and temperature are just right to result in gorgeous, deep Indigo fabrics. These pictures are of the Natural Indigo vat kit that I carry.. Click here to explore the vat kits!

Once the fabrics are prepared and the vat is just right, I'm ready to dye. And, I dye and dye and dye for several days. And, I love it!

After dipping my pieces multiple times, I let them set, And, then it's time to reveal the magic! I remove the resists - thread, clamps, acrylic shapes, rubber bands and see what I have. It's always, always a great thrill!!

Shibori Indigo Dyeing is such a joy for me. I love every step of the process and the days and days of fun!!!


You'll find all the supplies you'll need for Shibori on my web site. Take a look by clicking here! Then take a look at my upcoming classes by clicking here. I'd love to see you in class and have a chance to teach you my process. Sharing my obsession is always a delight!!


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