Four Generations of Quilters

Quilting has traditionally been a treasured art passed down in families. From mother to daughter, from daughter to grand-daughter or grand-son. Today's post is about four generations of a modern family carrying on this valuable tradition in a wonderful modern way!

Judy Brown is a skilled quilter who sewed a test quilt for me in 2021, when I was developing my Swallows pattern. This was during the thick of the pandemic and my Moda Fabrics Shibori collection I planned on having Judy use was delayed, as so many things were that year. 

Since my collection was not available, Moda sent Frankie by Basic Grey for Judy to use for the Swallows test quilt. It turned out beautifully!

I am so appreciative of my test quilters as I want to make sure I am producing the best quilt patterns possible for you. I love the label Judy included on the back of her Swallows quilt!

It just happened that Frankie was the collection chosen by Moda for the National Quilt Museum's 2023 School Block Challenge. The Challenge is open to children from K - 12 and five (!) of Judy's great-grandchildren entered the challenge. I'm sure they were inspired by their talented great-grandmother and I was thrilled when Judy shared pictures of their entries with me! Best of all, she gave me permission to share them with you!!

These pictures were taken at the local quilt guild meeting before the blocks were submitted to the Moda-sponsored challenge at the National Quilt Museum. On the left is Marcy, Judy's daughter, who is grandmother to all these talented kids and also a quilter! At the end, you'll see Marcy's daughter, Ashley, showing the Frankie fabrics the kids were sent by Moda and required to use. Ashley is a a quilter, too! Great-grandmother Judy shared some of the pieces of Frankie she had left from her Swallows test quilt with the kids, so they had lots of choices.

In the picture above are two of the four quilting generations in Judy's family. Left to right: Great-grandsons Tyler, Devon, Parker, and Riley and great-granddaughter, Nora. Judy's granddaughter, Ashley (behind Nora), is mother to all of the young quilters except Parker, who is her nephew.

And, the close-ups! Nora, the youngest of this fourth generation of quilters, taking cover behind her lovely, modern-style quilt block.

Riley with his more traditional block design and wonderful print choices.

Parker, again with a modern-style block. He made great use of the prints and colors!

Devon with the fabulous "garden" block he sewed. Those tulips are beautiful!

And, now Tyler, who's block won the 5th - 9th grade category of the 2023 National Quilt Museum School Block challenge! The blocks the kids made are all incredible and inspiring.

Tyler's amazing block is featured on the National Quilt Museum web site. Click here to view his block and all of the winning 2023 School Block Challenge blocks.

Thanks again, Judy, for sharing your wonderful family of quilters with me and and allowing me to share them here. It has been said that "it doesn't matter what the problem is, quilting is the answer." Your four generations have all been given a powerful gift that will serve them well where ever they go!


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