Quiltmania Simply Moderne Magazine Article

When I was approached by Quiltmania magazine last year about submitting a quilt design for the magazine I was very excited. Little did I know that encounter would turn out to be a six page spread about my shibori/indigo journey. They wanted to know the details of how I started with indigo and how things progressed from there. 

The people at the magazine were a delight to work with and I enjoyed the process. The magazine was published first in Europe and then the USA. 

We have had visits to our website from all over the world due to this issue. 

Simply Moderne is a beautiful magazine. If you don't subscribe you can purchase a copy at your local quilt shop or direct from Quiltmania here.

This is the quilt featured in the magazine. 


The only way to get the pattern is the magazine but we have a few kits left. You still need to have the magazine for the pattern. 

I love sharing my news with all of you. I hope you have very happy holidays. 


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