Revisiting My Yukata Collection - Moda Block Heads 4

The hot, hot weather in Texas has not made sewing very comfortable these last few weeks! So, while I’m working to catch up on my blocks, I’m thinking back to the first two Moda Block Heads 4 blocks I stitched.

When Moda Block Heads 4 began in March, my choice for this year was originally my Yukata collection. It had just hit the shelves of your LYS this past Spring and was uppermost in my mind. I get as excited about a new collection as you do!

I absolutely loved using Yukata for Blocks 1 & 2, but then I found myself immersed in my upcoming "ships-in-September" collection, Kawa, and decided to switch to using it for my Moda Block Heads 4 blocks. Switching is a quilter’s prerogative, isn’t it?

But, while you’re waiting for Kawa to ship to stores this September, let’s revisit the still very popular, Yukata. Just be sure to let your LYS know that you’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kawa and hope to buy it at their shop!

My Yukata collection for Moda was based on experiences from my most recent trip to Japan, and my love for vintage Japanese designs. A yukata is an unlined cotton summer kimono, usually worn in more casual settings.  On my trip to study shibori techniques, I was able to visit several wonderful antique shops in Tokyo and a flea market in Kyoto. They were filled with beautiful vintage fabrics, obis, kimonos and yukata and I came home with amazing treasures!  .

Yukata is available right now on my web site for you! You'll find pre-cuts, yardage and quilt patterns I designed with the Yukata collection in mind. So, while you're waiting for September and my Kawa collection to ship to your LYS, dive into the vintage-inspired fabrics and joys of Yukata!

You can shop for Yukata on my site right here. And, you can visit my upcoming Kawa collection, which ships in September 2022, right here


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