Taking a Break on Whidbey Island

The Kakishibu class I took in Seattle was amazing, intense and wonderfully exhausting. (If you missed my blog post, click here!) So, when I was invited to spend three restful days with a friend in between workshops with Takayuki Ishii - I jumped at the chance!

Whidbey Island is located in Puget Sound a few hours north of Seattle. I spent my "island time" visiting my friend Cheryl Lawrence and had the delightful opportunity to also meet some of her artist friends. We ate a fabulous vegetarian dinner together and conversation flowed so easily. It was wonderful to share about our passion for textiles!

Cheryl's home has a lovely, peaceful view of the water that surrounds Whidbey Island. Although the weather was a little cloudy, it was a pleasure to spend time just chatting and enjoying the view.

Oh, the flowers! Cheryl's beautiful garden was full of so many colorful flowers! Happy bees were busily buzzing from flower to flower and they were a joy to watch. It was another calm, enjoyable sight that made my time on Whidbey Island so restful!

One of my fellow guests, Patti King, was also in my Kakishibu class. She showed us a tunic she had dyed in Kakishibu and overdyed in Indigo many years ago. It was truly exquisite, very inspiring and a fitting end to my wonderful island visit!


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