Back to the Beginning of TIORI Design

My company name, TIORI Designs, has an interesting background. People often assume that TIORI is a Japanese word, but I've got the real story for you today! I'll let you in on how our business began, too. 

My husband David works with me. He has a real name, not just a knock off of my name. He also does all of the financial end of the business so, yes, I do sleep with my CPA. LOL

David is retired from the position of city finance director. We almost always travel together and he helps tremendously with online orders and kits. He also does all the shipping, answers the phone if you call and he came up with the TIORI Designs acronym. More on that in a minute!

I did not retire from my original day job, but changed careers in midstream. I was a dental hygienist and cleaned teeth or taught people to clean teeth for 35 years. After 5 years of adding in full time teaching quilting and lecturing for guilds, plus designing patterns, I decided to quit one job. I chose to quit the dental hygiene because the quilting was just too much fun to give up!

I have since added dyeing, teaching Shibori, giving lectures and designing fabric for Moda to my job description. So, I am not retired at all but, I am still loving what I do!!

By the way the acronym stands for:

The business has grown and the web site is full of what I do! You'll find my teaching calendar by clicking right here, my current Moda fabric lines right here, Shibori supplies right here, Quilting patterns right here and so much more. You're welcome to "take the tour" into our world of TIORI Designs and spend as long as you like! When you find something you love, David will get your order out the door as soon as he can. I don't know what I would do without him!! 

Thank you all for making this wonderful business possible! I hope to meet you in a class very soon!!


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