Traveling & Teaching in 2022 and Beyond

Any journey worth taking is not without it's bumps and, although 2022 was definitely my year for bumps, it was still a fabulous traveling and teaching year! There were a couple of hiccups on the journey of teaching my art, but I was able to successfully travel for most of my scheduled Shibori Indigo dyeing classes. It sure didn't squash my desire and enjoyment of teaching!

Unexpected health issues in July caused me to cancel or reschedule classes for the first time ever. Cancelling classes was devastating for me! I've always been pleased with my track record of following through with my scheduled classes and I'm very dedicated to my students. My kitties were my joy as I had to sit for three weeks!

Everyone was so kind and understanding proving that my students and the people I work with are the very best! I made good use of the time off, though.

Sitting still for so long was not easy for me, so I did lots of planning and resist stitching for Shibori Indigo dyeing. My artist mind is always thinking, planning and exploring and the health bumps didn't change that!

You know you can't keep a passionate Shibori artist down! At least not for long. Once I was recovered and allowed up and out again, I quickly resumed traveling, teaching and the incredible joy of meeting new friends, seeing old friends and sharing my art.

Towards the end of the year, I took a month off and completed recording a brand new CT Publishing/Creative Spark class on the art of Stitching Resist for Shibori. It's a great pairing with my Organic Indigo Vat class. They both include unlimited viewing, so you can have me right in your home anytime. Click here to view and register for both of them!

2023 will find me still learning and teaching and learning and teaching some more! As I did last year, I am taking classes to learn further techniques to add to my Shibori skillset. It's part of my obsession with Shibori Indigo dyeing and fulfills my ongoing goal to offer you the most I possibly can about Shibori Indigo dyeing.

Following another one of my artistic passions, I'll be taking at least one jewelry making class this year. It will be a busy, joyful year! I am also working on a very large project that will be revealed later. Stay tuned!

My 2023 teaching schedule is already filling! This year I will be teaching in a wonderful new venue - Mackinac Island in Michigan. Cars are not allowed on this island so a horse drawn carriage will meet you at the ferry. It's quite a magical place and I am thrilled to be traveling to a spot that I have been to only once. Their workshops fill quickly, so check this one out soon!

I will also repeat teaching in some of the places I have loved teaching previously! Notably, Sanborn Mills Farm, Creations of Kerrville and my personal home studio.

Click here to view my teaching calendar and registration information. Classes fill quickly, so don't delay. You'll also find more info about my 2023 classes in this blog post. I'd love to meet you in class for Shibori Indigo dyeing in 2023!!


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