What are PFD Fabrics?

There are several keys to successful Shibori Indigo dyeing, but the first is using a fabric that is Prepared for Dyeing (PFD). I’m often asked why PFD fabrics are so important and what they are, so let’s talk about that this week!

Prepared for Dyeing fabrics are not treated with sizing or starch during the manufacturing process. This means that the fabrics do not contain any finishes that could interfere with or resist your dye. This is very important for successful Shibori Indigo or any other dyeing since we want control over the color.

If possible, I do still recommend scouring or washing well PFD fabrics to be sure that all dust or oils have been removed. If you’ve ever tried dyeing a fabric or garment that has not been properly prepared, you know that scouring is well worth your time. Streaks, spots or faded colors are not the results we want!

To make it easy for you, I carry over a dozen PFD fabrics in my online shop as well as many different scarf/shawl blanks. And, there are more choices on the way! Click here to see what I have for you. You’ll find cotton, linen, silk, wool and several blends in both yardage and scarves. 

One of my personal favorite fabrics is the 100% Cotton Japanese Kimono fabric that I carry. It is perfect for all kinds of Shibori dyeing! At just 13-1/2” wide, it is easy to manipulate for stitching, tying, pleating and sampling.

The resulting design can be used as a wall hanging, focal piece in a quilt or panels for garment creation. You can see why it’s a favorite! If you’re a quilter, then you’re familiar with Moda’s wonderful line of Bella solids. I offer PFD Bella that you can dye, then combine with other fabrics, including any of the Bella solids, for a beautiful quilt top.

Dyeing and sewing for baby? You’ll love the 100% Organic Cotton Sheeting on my site. It’s 53” wide and a great opportunity for Shibori dyeing something special for a sweet little one.

Another favorite is my PFD Rayon Crepe. This dyes so beautifully and is an incredible stage for your Shibori work. It’s wonderful for garments or a very elegant quilt or throw.

If you need a gift or accessory, the PFD Scarf and Shawl blanks I carry are perfect. “Blank” means they are ready for you to do your own Shibori or other dyeing magic to create whatever you would like. Click here to see the variety. Available in several different fabrics, they are all generously sized and pre-hemmed. It doesn’t get much easier!

I love the softness of the Habotai Silk Scarves and the intensity of the Indigo once its dyed. 

But, I've also enjoyed Shibori dyeing the more textured Tussar Silk.

Wool Diamond Weave scarf blanks are favorites, too. It’s hard to choose. They all make gorgeous finished pieces when dyed!

And, speaking of dye, if you're in need of Indigo, you can order my Organic Vat kits right here. They come with thorough instructions. 

If you've never learned Shibori dyeing or you're ready for more, click here to view my upcoming classes and workshops. I'd love to explore the world of Shibori Indigo dyeing with you!

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