What is New

What is New

We have some very exciting things happening here. The first is a new line of fabric called "Shimo" that will ship in April to your local quilt shops. Here is a sneak peek at some of the designs.

Shimo means frost in Japanese so it is a very icy collection of designs. I did a lot of stitching and pulling before dyeing the original fabrics. I also designed three new patterns to go with the line. It was fun showing everything at market to all the wonderful quilt shop owners.

I have been working on two new websites. One is Tiori Designs by Debbie Maddy and it showcases everything Shibori, Indigo, hand crafted and wonderful supplies to craft your dreams. I have all of my favorite shibori tools there and you can also access my Moda fabric that is reproduced from my hand dyed fabric. You can see where I will be teaching and lecturing this year so hopefully you can join me in a class. My calendar has descriptions of my workshops listed.

My second website is a remake of my Calico Carriage Designs site. It needed to be updated and redecorated. This one is still in the design stage and will launch soon.

Last but not least is a great project I made for my good friend Jenelle Kent. She is the owner of Pieces to Treasure and designs wonderful toweling for Moda. She has the most beautiful items to make from her toweling, things I would not have thought about. She has written a book for Martingale called Farmhouse Fresh that uses all of her toweling to make gorgeous items for your self and your home. To help her with her book launch I made this bag. It is the La Fleur Project Pouch. I used her toweling on the back and two pieces of my new Shimo fabric for the front and the lining. It is a great size for carrying your hand work or knitting. I can take all of my shibori fabrics that I am stitching. Go over to my Instagram feed @debbie_maddy to enter to win a free download of the book.

That is all for now but I promise to post again soon.

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