Yanagi Shibori - Unique and Beautiful

During my time at Circle of Life Studio in Eagle River, Wisconsin with Taka and Tomo Ishii, we learned so many wonderful things. One of them was the beautiful Yanagi Shibori technique.

Yanagi Shibori, known for its resemblance to willow leaves, is a technique of pleating and binding that we thoroughly enjoyed. There's a really lovely, relaxing rhythm to handwork even if it takes awhile!

The piece above is fresh out of the Sukumo Indigo vat and ready for rinsing. 

The small pleats and tightly wrapped threads create wispy lines of Indigo dyed joy that are truly gorgeous. I am thrilled with how my piece turned out!

Our Yanagi inspiration was a kimono, hand-dyed by Taka and hand-stitched by his wife, Tomo. Those of us who dye often think in terms of samples and other small pieces. It is amazing to see the possibilities of a large piece!

And, speaking of inspiration, this serene garden was my morning view at the Air B&B where I stayed. This is such a beautiful area of Wisconsin and I am so glad I got to experience it's wonders along with the magic of Shibori Indigo dyeing!


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