Teaching at John C Campbell Folk School - Week Two

Week Two teaching Shibori Indigo Dyeing at John C Campbell Folk School was just as amazing as Week One in all it’s own ways. The students were dedicated and creative and I loved seeing the projects and samples they produced.

My enthusiastic second week group. Small but mighty!

We explored a variety of different Indigo vats each week, with wonderful results! The Botanical Colors Indigo powder was set in a fructose vat and the blues were beautiful.

The ultra-quick and wonderful IndiGold All Natural Pre-Reduced Vat was such a joy. I’m selling this revolutionary vat kit on my web site and you really must try it! It’s easy to mix and can be used much more quickly without the waiting and testing needed for a traditional natural Indigo vat. Click here to read more about IndiGold, then click here to order your own vat kit.

The most unique and interesting vat was made from Fresh Leaf Indigo from the school’s own dye garden!

We harvested, then stripped the fresh leaves much like you would with fresh herbs.

Once stripped, the leaves were put in a blender with ice and ice water. The cold water is what extracts the color from the leaves. Quite different from the usual way I mix a vat!

A Fresh Leaf vat produces a striking turquoise blue like you see in the hat band modeled above. We achieved various shades and they were all gorgeous! This student's scarf was Shibori folded and dyed in a deep Indigo vat. 

The second week group brought several pre-made pieces to dye like the blouse above.  She patiently tied over 100 marbles into the blouse before dyeing.

It’s always a thrill to see what Shibori Indigo techniques produce and my students were all very pleased with their results.

I have a great appreciation for the staff of John C Campbell Folk School and I look forward to returning to teach again! They are dedicated to the mission and traditions established by the Campbells many decades ago. Kim Zimmerman, Programs Operations Assistant was so supportive as were the other helpful staff members and volunteers.

Two weeks deep in Shibori Indigo Dyeing was a tremendous joy for me! I’d love to share that joy with you in one of my workshop classes. You’ll go home with plenty of samples, loads of knowledge and new friends to share your dyeing journey. Click here to see what’s coming up and what fits your schedule. Classes do fill up, so sign up soon and I’ll look forward to seeing you!


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