Teaching at John C Campbell Folk School - Week One

My two weeks at the John C Campbell Folk School this month were truly magical! Established in 1925, the original mission of the Folk School was to uniquely serve the needs of its community. Although the "community" has spread to include visiting students and teachers, the emphasis at the school is still on discussion, conversation, and hands-on instruction. My classes in Shibori Indigo dyeing were a perfect fit!

Driving into the John C Campbell Folk School!

Not only did I spend my time fully immersed in hands-on Indigo dyeing, but I met such amazing people. My classes were full of eager students and the wonderful staff who work and volunteer at the Folk School were ready and willing helpers. Every day was full of JOY!

Jessica was my dear volunteer helper for the first week of class. I don’t know what I would have done without her! She loved Shibori Indigo Dyeing, too. 

A good school needs great leadership and the school has found just that in Jerry Jackson, director of the John C Campbell Folk School. It was my honor to meet him and catch a moment for this picture!

These lovely women were in my first week class and were responsible for the beautifully dyed pieces that came out of the first week vats. Several of them are proudly wearing the Shibori Indigo scarves they dyed. You'll see more of their work below!

This was my first chance to try out an all natural Pre-Reduced IndiGold Vat Kit with my students and it was exciting!! The kit was easy to mix and the vat was ready for dyeing in just 15 minutes. Such a complete joy!

I wrote about all natural Pre-Reduced IndiGold a couple of weeks ago when it first became available. Click here to read the post - it's quite a story! You can click right here to order your own IndiGold Vat Kit from my web site, too.

This is a very sweet use of Shibori Indigo technique, hanging to dry on the line. It was dyed by a first week work-study volunteer in honor of a local duck. I think Mr or Ms Duck will love it!

Each week ended with a school-wide Show ‘n Tell. These amazing Shibori Indigo pieces were all dyed by my first week students.

And, there's more! It was a wonderfully productive week. 

Gloves on the line! Each one dipped a little differently as their wearers protected their hands while dyeing. A great representation of the hard work my students put into learning the art of Shibori Indigo Dyeing. We always leave class a little bit blue – in two ways. Sadly blue to see our time together end, but happy to have a little blue tinge to our skin that reminds us of the joy we’ve experienced together!

Indigo plants growing in the John C Campbell Folk School garden

Next week, I’ll share with you the fun we had in my Week Two class. It included Fresh Leaf Indigo dyeing and you’ll really enjoy seeing how that worked. It’s quite a different experience and the results were a totally different shade of Indigo. Be sure to check back!

I'd love to include you in one of my upcoming Shibori Indigo Dyeing classes! It's a life-changing experience as I teach what I love and we all learn and explore together. Click here to view my calendar and think over the opportunities I have available for Fall and Winter. Then check your schedule and plan when you can join me!


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